Still Going Strong


  • Aumentar Fonte
  • Diminuir Fonte
Still going strong (he’s still going strong)
Yeah, yeah (he’s still going strong)
Remember ned stark, he was a lot of fun (so fun)
But he didn’t make it past season one (oh no)

Robert baratheon was part of that crew
But he never made it to season two
The king of the north was cool, you see (so cool)
Another favorite that ended up dead (he’s dead)

You thought that joffrey had to survive
He ain’t in the credits for season five (season five)
Baby, you know I’m the man for all seasons
Characters get cut for various reasons (ow ow)

Some people’s parts just ain’t that long
But not me (not me, not me, not me)
I’m still going strong (he’s still going strong)