As Catharsis Ends In Dismay

[I can not find any words for the introduction. I think this is the deepest and most personal text I've made for this album.]

[The Silent Prolouge:]
Words of a Violin crying sweet, sad in my head.
Little wisp of men dancing on the strings - fragile harmonics in the bitter Ether of Nihil.
Never to hear such a soul-engraving melody.

String snaps with shrill, sore sound
Body strains in the last orgasm

[Scene 1: Colours:Emptiness mingles with Grief. Oblivion. Remark of the last picture. Steam or smoke -a touch of blow on my face, I think. Pleasant feeling.]

To wake up in a mute dream
Mind drifts into amazement
Wonder creates curiosity which often blends with muddle.

[Scene 2:: I see myself in a dark, slow-circling tunnel, thick darkness everywhere, and a kind of light at the end, glowing like Sun.]

I've been already here, sometime
Tunnel of blackwater abyss
Revolves in darkness-womb

Become one with the dark drifts
I left everything outside
Which tied me to the crest of the earth
All I built, all they built.
(All I am, all I was.)
The darkness as an angel receives me into itself
Embraces, fondles me
And allows to touch its face.

This is not what I'm here for.

Observing the light which grows like hunger
As I approach closer and deeper
Thrill, Allurement, Ardour
A call from beyond
Light as Destination, I reach through my fall.
I merge into the Unknown.

Scene freezes in motion
Vibration around the body
Face deforms into the grimace of bawl
Pupils wide open
Cruel, heart-splitting dismay

" This was the man but you are light, energy and light.
You see, feel and realize
That the bewitching, drawing Unknown
Holds a (maybe) quicksilver bred mirror towards you."