["No one can judge one another, because this equals delivering and notifying the judgement of own ego-that's how the saying sounds.There are no limits how far we can go, the borders are only built up by morality, humanism and reality. But one thing we shall know: Nothing could be a fading part of evanescene, which is already dead."]

[Part Oracle:]
Man, little man, why do you need god,
when you believe yourself as a god?

[Part Orage:]
The bellowstorm must come
In which a cherub lurks
Offspring of an exploited Nature

[Part Odium:]
People, men, women, old and young,
The most hideous vermins and angels than ever.
Humid larvae,
Damp molluscs,
Spongesoul sinsects,
By urine and blood drenched in their own vomitus

[People:(maybe they are people)]
Impaled through anus
Penetrated, desecrated
On the crusted antlers of Cernunnos

Writhing diadems
Ornaments in convulsion
You're all on the stakes
No empty space
No solitude amongst you

A race dies on the horns of god
While they' re staring at each other
In rigour
One is common in them:
Fear and credulous curiosity ( but curiosity is much stronger)
Which is a key on the necklet of the Virgin girl.

[Part Orage:]
The howling storm must come
In which a cherub lurks
Starving for dolls.

[Part Oracle:]
Don't wait:
They' re already waiting for you.