Sweet Invasion

Haley McGuire

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1st Verse
Why don't you tell me there's a better way
And scream it out, scream it at me
I know we've been through this a million times
And you're getting sick of
Hearing me say that I am truly changed
And swearing my loyalty
Even to me it's getting old

Uh oh uh oh
Uh oh uh oh

Break me out of these chains
So I can breathe again
And really, really know what it means
To be completely in love with you
Take me out of this pit of complacency
With all of me devoted to you
Oh, what a sweet invasion
This sweet invasion

2nd Verse
Now that you've claimed almost every part
Of me mark it as your territory
And keep the lock on the door
It's not that you need my permission
Invading is only forbidden
If it's not your property



Break me