[Intro: Nature (Half-A-Mill)]
Yea, (uh huh) -- puff puff
We 'bout to do is -- puff puff
(put a lil bit of hawaiin in there)
What you should do is -- puff puff
This one goes out to everybody out there
Within the sound of my voice that gets high
(we'll mix it up like this, knawmean?)
Nature -- Half-A-Mill -- puff puff
(use that badboy, philly, dutch, backwood it all good)
It don't matter what you use --- puff puff, Half-A-Mill

Mill Gates low calico, rollin that Cali dro
Roll wit the baddest hoe, roll in that snow
Fold in that dough, playa you know my status quo
Gallons of 'mo, packed purple haze in the dutch
And I ain't passion to yo
Got cash in the stash money like fuck, but ain't flashin to yo
Benz buggy truck kidded up, no room for passenger
Bro "how the hell you gonna be a pimp and ain't a whip"?
Bitches gonna laugh at you
You I hit switches, switch sixes, big spliffs ridiculous
Officilous, nakedlious, chicks rub tits and lips and clit to this

[Hook: Nature (Half-A-Mill)] **repeat 5X
24/7 --- puff puff (puffin on some Izzerb)

While you day dreamin, I stay schemin
On your girls face I spray semen
Make her sip syrup cause she earl-up
I'mma still fuck her til she curle up
And when my nut purle up
I gotta block chocolate twirl up
Smoke the whole world up
Word up its murder
How we keep that ganja to burn up
If you like chronic, I mean chronic rewinders turn it up
We got pounds, clowns downs, cock suckers your turn is up
The Firm is up, Sopranos all we do is handle
scrambble and gamble, roll out bamble
so high, Sosa holla out hola, wait I'm in cancun

[Hook: Nature (Half-A-Mill)] **repeat 5X
24/7 --- puff puff (puffin on some Izzerb)

It goes here, your half, what!

Ayo its that shit when you hear in the whip
Your goin to be bumpin yo, dimes, dubs, 50's of dro
Fuck that yo I'm dumpin yo
All day long all to the head, naw I might let one nigga know
Cause thirsty niggaz be bringin they friends
Like please "can my dunn hit it yo"?
They call me anti-socialable, I done coached a few
Made poacher moves, see me when I got a show to do
Back stage pickin wit hoe to screw
Show to improve or showin off
I hear 'em pistols goin off
No insurance on my whip
I crash like I don't know the cost
Laughin then I leave it there
Leave the place, leave the tapes
Take the guns from under the seats
Cause niggaz know, I don't need the case
I ain't the one to be laughin at or laughin wit
I'm action packed, catch me where the cashs at
Or any smoke shops after that

[Hook: Nature (Half-A-Mill)] **repeat 9X
24/7 --- puff puff (puffin on some Izzerb)

puff puff -- (puffin on some Izzerb)
puff puff -- (puffin on some Izzerb)
(puffin on some Izzerb)
(puffin on some Izzerb)