uh, Half-A-Mill, Brooklyn
Yea, New York city, Manhattan, Queens

Where we from son?

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]
We from New York City, New York City
Grimey, thug gritty, New York City
I'm from New York City, New York City
we get money, we get busy, we get paid in New York City

[Verse 1]
Yo in the streets of New York
Dope fiends are leanin for more fiends
TV screen follow homoicide scene
I drive you to Queens, S-5 wit hot beems
Divide Queen wit my team forever our scheme is not a dream
Its all real, they saw Mill he walk wit still
Quick on draw 4-4 put a limp in your grill
Your temperature chill, ain't nuttin for your wig to peal
Took a hit when shit gets real, cause niggaz get killed
Cooked up a half-a-ki creals, niggaz runnin up on yo family wit steel
And cause more horror then "Ammitville"
Hang granny up side down, shots rang from the pound, ill
You better any up 'em bills, cause blood spill for 'em bucks
Where I'm from for real, big guns put you on the run
Where I'm from is real
Niggaz want mills and more steel, 20 inch on the four wheel
Turn your front to a war field, for real

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]

Some niggaz blood some niggaz crip
21 slugs I'm spittin it
sittin on bricks gettin yayo gettin it
Niggaz got nose drips and sniff it
Niggaz got more chips then the lil bit
We markin and distribute it
Mass production, that way you get a quick
Fiends get sick, vomit and shit when they can't get a hit
Nigga drop dead right on the strip
Ole D of herion, he was an old G
Shot medicine in his arms
Ghetto sins Brook-lon to cheddar on amp
Til a nigga fear chest wit ten, and pressure bends
Make you run over pedestrians
Ain't no snitchin or confessions
Its like the west we in
The foul flesh we in, we rep again
Lead tech off and dead your man, we represent
NYC dawg its dedtriment
Hoodlum put guns on your tongue and click
Hung your clique, dunn now from cents

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]

Uh, I'm from borough that's thorough
Lil niggaz pushin CL-6's
Best payin female to the pitchers
Went from rags to riches
Jags wit the bags in engine
And I still wear a mask for a half-a-million
Yea we know you got the stash in the ceiling
And we live from New York
Where every night another apple is pealin
Major cookouts, smash and grillin
Pour ash through your pj's
Try to get back to your building
We on your hallway wit masked out
You don't want me to get at your children
Now get that cash or you gonna miss 'em
I'm like the Marshall when I cause the Vision
And I ain't tryin get stabbed the burn
Smash instil the gats is gonna burn
Cats goin to learn, New York is actioned packed
Even Clinton moved to Harlem for sacks and black
Blazin in his Cadillac, welcome to the concrete jungle
Were you when or citizen, til the police mind beat upon you

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill]

[Outro: Half-A-Mill]
Half-A-Mill, Brooklyn, NYC, representin
Yea, uh ya heard, five borough, yea uh
New York, New York, New York City