Only You

[Verse 1]
Uh woke in the mornin hoped out the water bed kissed my boo
see I'm known to shake their ass like Mystcal
If maggot was a school I'll be principal
There be no more boarder Ed just broader head
Pushin Ford Humvey, got hoes all cross the country
Don't get it confused I'm gangsta, dunn my guns squeeze
My gators cost too much run from D's, cranberry and yellow
The illest nigga since Rockafello
The realest nigga since 'Pac, straight off Death Row
17 Karats on my left toe, bitches grab on and can't let go
I understand that's your wife dawg but thats my best hoe
Nigga hello, drop bow's on 'em and lose your elbow
Chanelle flow straight paper, been to more places than Melrose
Peep the view, call your hoes when I'm rollin through
Cuz I might whisper in her ear, Only You

**repeat 2X**
***In my world, Only You, things I do for a love
What I would do for a love***

Uh, what?, Only You, knawmean baby?
If you make me do things I will not do
straight ma, uh Only You, things you make me do
get that money girl, for real though

[Verse 2]
Brand new ride, trench coat made out of Camel hi
Mill Latin, is this still Manhattan?
Gucci draws, 50% silk, 50% satin
One love to Biggie Smalls, Illmatic, Guerilla action
I spend in caption foreign countries
Broads want me cuz I break 'em hoes
Take good girls and make them hoes
Ass naked in the Range Rover
I'mma filthy get your damn stove
I had your bitch sayin "you wanna fuck me"?
And head for bank roll
I felt that buck v, mafiaso like Bugsy
Pour VSOP hennesy in cups of tea
Ki's of herion from England, Opium cut wit Dutch cheese
Born hustler fuck wit me, son you just a customer
You rather duck for me
Gun Delero, no scare crow or duckin me
I grab your baby moms and make her sell that buck for me

**repeat 2X**
***In my world, Only You, things I do for a love
What I would do for a love***

Yea, Half-A-Mill-ion the don, ya know?
You know what you make me do
At long as you get that paper, I do anythin for ya
you know what you make me do?

[Verse 3]
Lobster and Shrimp my son'll tell you pots or pans?
And I'm still street, make thugs hop the fence
When I'm lettin off your fiance will call the wedding off
How she gonna marry a nigga -- when his head is off?
I rock Maury Gotors suits playa you in terry cluafs
I'm the bomb ask your mom, I drive some cherry's off
I spit game, my words is wisdom, they got sherry's lost
Went from sherry's to pour, braddy to abroad
I know your shit is hot but dawg I got a deadly assault
Urban Kelly main Virgin Mary berry or cross?, Religion
Ill coupe dawg, just for pigeons, bullet proof engine
Lay back the roof is missin
and everytime I smile my tooth is gleasin
Get money like the Rasta child
Too smooth to get high style, just watch out
Only You girl that's what I'm 'bout, watch out
Only You girl that's what I'm 'bout

***In my world, Only You, I'mma do for a love
What I would do for a love***

[Outro: Half-A-Mill]
Word!, Only You baby, uh things you make me do
Uh, just keep them papers rollin through
Uh, youknow?, I got what you want
You got what I need, uh, the new
what I would not do baby, Only You
Woooo!, youknow, this joint here is just for you
for doin the things you do
yea, uh, Ali Baba, Half-A-Mill, aka, Mill Latin
More than just tripple platinum ya heard?
Garfiya cartell, uh we drop the bomb shells
ya heard? (ain't nuttin but word, bitch ain't nuttin bird)