Uh huh, yea, uh uh, what ya want from me?
Uh huh, yea, Half-A-Mill, y'all know
First don, yea, uh huh, holla

[Verse 1]
Legendary don, cherries flowin in Parion
Platinum Champaign glass yea thats Half-A-Million
Lay back, laughin at these rap new jacks
Yappin 'bout how they slung a few cracks
and touch a few stacks
use to come through on the max
now all of a sudden you sealed out
crew cat, now you shoot back
Fake ballers, let Mill show y'all where hoop at
Get real, here I come head for the hills
Nigga my ooz strap, my first single is Rata-tat-tat
Kill every nerve in you, action packed you might need plastic bag
I mack hoes like hack-a-sack jack
spit tight flows, 23 inches on on the white Rove
They tryin to hear you oversize chips
On my right lobe, oversize clips light oversize spiffs
put my oversize dick 'tween your bitch oversized lips
Five or six, no matter what you whip
You ain't fly as this

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill] **repeat 2X**
From the Range to the Rove to the Bentley Coupe
Back the V-12 for being buggy niggaz salute
We be them Mill-i, pretty thugs guns we shoot
So when you see us don't say "wuttup" niggaz salute

[Verse 2]
Fuck you starin for? frontin off in front of camera floor
My name Milli, chicks feel me like brand new soar
I make a brand new hall maybe like brand new eloar
If niggaz wanna front dawg I got the brand new four
I pop a cannon off, lay you in brand new floor
I ain't tryin to play you dawg, I just spray you dawg
Live motivator, why's is hole in paper?
no respect for the dead send my guys to hold your wake-up
French fries ass, cheese burger frontin like you fly ass
Words on the street you bitch niggaz gon' die fast
So I advise you hop on your CL K and drive fast
No set-ups then I just wet-up your dry ass
Act like you fed-up, "ok, uh huh, shut up ass"
Street vet, heat rep show you how to develop cash
Hella stash, keep the Calico on hella blast
Hella stash, keep my Calico on hella blast

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill] **repeat 2X**

[Verse 3]
I got no love, thats why niggaz got no liver
Let the fed figure why you got thrown in the river
I'm thorough bred put the extended metal to your head
Chicks say I'm a sex symbol, pop you like your next pimple
Your righteous? I'mma step to your Temple
Cut your legs off dawg leave you walkin off thimbles
Now hop over the candle stick dick lets see if your nibble
I'mma like an evil Hindu, Knievel, Willy's 6-50 through
Illmatic, Bill Matic, peel ratchets, still at it
Most of y'all niggaz is still faggots
Open up your ass cheek you prolly leak ill maggots
Real madness, thats why I keep steel for you bastards
In the Million Man March against me -- get a million caskets
I'm hear to spark niggaz and piss on your ash's
Retaliatin be the next thug missin in action
Whoeva want it they can get slugs I'm dissin off Magnums

[Chorus: Half-A-Mill] **repeat 2X**

[Outro: Half-A-Mill]
Mill Latin, uh hu Ali Baba, yea
what, street fathers, yea
ya niggaz man ya might as well not even bother son, word!