Sodom and Gomorrah

[Intro: Sluggy Ranks]
the arrangers of sinisters
I wanna give from John, symbolize the life
(Half-A-Mill, Sluggy Ranks, ya know)

[Chorus: Sluggy Ranks]
And this is Sodom and Gomorrah
Your not sure deceive to murder
And this is Sodom and Gomorrah
Rappers are not sure deceive to murder

We don't cry for them players in 'em Bentley Coupes
We don't cry for them ballers gettin big willy loot
We don't cry for them hustlers in 'em Gucci suits
But we cry man we cry for the youths cuz they innocent
The Government is killin shit
While niggaz in the hood is dealin bricks, big shit
We sell Coke, they sell Countries
We cop ice niggaz workin Diamond mines for the rest of they life
Neva to see they seed or their wife
Jacob neva threw a block party in my hood
This is our live, Mercedes Benz ain't neva did for us
Except help victims micro-chip so they can put 'em in us
The hood is in lust, big brother got footage of us
Executive orders, 6-6-6 put 'em in cuffs
Put 'em on the bus, Concentration Camps waitin for us
Money and material they soon to take it from us
Take it from us!

[Chorus: Sluggy Ranks]

**Half-A-Mill in the background**
Word, yo they lockin us up everyday son
they treatin us down like 30 stores
nuttin, puttin us on highways for nuttin
Knawmean?, its aiight though, its aiight though
you know why, word! yo

Now in days they arrest preachers
can't see you in school (why?) they might get molested by teachers
Don't run through red lights the cops might beat ya
20 of 'em, they lock you up they might not feed ya
In this new world they might not need ya
They got nuetra-noise robots to replace man computer to leech ya
High tech features, they plan to spread us wit heaters
And effect us all wit the most dangerous disease's
Chicken heads soon to be sickened dead
Thugs carry four-fifth wit inferred to send us to Imhotep
But now we the lost race
Everyday is another court case
Either you sell or torch base
We livin in hell, its written all over your face
In the eyes of the most high we all disgrace
From the cradle to the corner, greed, lust, envy and hate
Got us all in this negro state...

[Chorus: Sluggy Ranks] **repeat 2X**

**Half-A-Mill in the background**
yea, uh huh, concentration camps they say
all these fake politicians actin like they our leaders
we know what time it is, we know y'all against us
yea, this goes out to the streets son, soon to take over yo
soon to take over son

[Sluggy Ranks]
For the youths dem live so strange
Slingin their guns just like John Wayne
And everyday another rapper gets slain
Smokin Cruk and smokin Cocaine
Another brother live spends in takin boys

Breezin in the Range, got G's in the Range
Freezin wit bling, I was raised in the street to be King
Fired that heater thing, project Messiah speakin the slang
In these streets niggaz bang and put holes in your brains
Ya'll know Half-A-Mill Sluggy Ranks, Capro via Metro
We know parsh, whips like the car show, but God know
we livin in time thats hard yo
wicked men leave the blind straight Sodom And Gomorrah
Bestialities, sexual acts of Guam show
The Devil or God, which one do you follow?

[Chorus: Sluggy Ranks] **repeat 3X**

The youths are still dyin, my sisters are still cryin
My children are cryin, and I still feel the pain...

[Outro: Half-A-Mill]
yea, word, knawmean?, knawmean?
yea, you not sure, you not sure

Its a small chance, real range
what! your not sure, your not sure
word! you know y'all tryin to take us down
you know y'all tryin to make it hard for us
knawmean?, ya feelin it, uh this goes out to the hood
uh, 'member, 'member where you at?, 'member how we got here?
'member who runs this country? (Crown Heights) yamean?
(Queens) 6000 year rule