I Hope


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And I wont let this go further
Hey Dan, can you pick me up out front?
There’s not a thing left for us here. This place is fucked, I can’t stay here anymore.
Let’s get the hell out of here.

So to this shit fucking local scene, And to all these fucking pussy kids who fucked it up and
who don’t deserve shit.
We don’t want to fucking fit in here. Fuck your fake ass crowd,
Fuck your shit breakdowns. I hope you fucking drown.
And as my words pierce right through your chest,
They’ll circle back, and strangle you to death.
And as you bleed and gasp for your last breath,
I’ll watch you drown in your own blood and show weakness.
I’ll expose your two faced fucking life,
I’m sick of bottling everything inside,
You’re not superior to me or anyone,
You should’ve stayed dead, You should’ve stayed dead.