KC And The Sunshine Band

Keep Keepin' On

KC And The Sunshine Band
Uh-huh, uh..
Yeah, yeah, yo, S-Double..
Yo, yo, yo

[Chorus: Shabaam + The Honorable]
I want y'all to keep movin
Keep livin ya life, and keep workin
Keep hustlin hard, and keep strivin
Keep holdin it down, and survivin
Keep raisin ya kids, and keep vibin
Keep makin that music, and keep ridin
Keep being yourself, and don't hide in
Cuz the real shit is what we providin

[Shabaam Sahdeeq]
Yeah, yeah
For life, I live what I spit and spit what I live
Believe in God, he gon' deliver me just in time
When I rhyme I travel galaxies, warp speed, went the time
Light years with the mind, gotta get mine
YEAH, and I been everywhere around the world and back again
and ain't no street or town, never trap me down again
And I been at the peak and then came down again
and anything I've done, I could do it again
And if the papers lag, we catch 'em like freeze tag
Stick 'em for that work or snatch that coach bag
I know it sounds bad but damn we gotta eat
And the pressure of life got me slumped down in the seat
with heat, while them crabs in the barrel tryna bring us down
They don't wanna see us rise, they got hate in they eyes
They got our name on they tongue like they knew us for years
Like they been there, through the pain, sweat, and tears


[The Honorable]
It's like abbreviatin my life I'm skeptical
In this situation here, I hope God can help me through
You see this poetry'll leave you lonely
And at the same time come back be your only, friend there is
It's like a never ending battle, a fight to live
In the streets we all know that the time is near
So everybody please, would you stop and listen
To a final countdown and it's fact or fiction
A reniassance of our turbullision
So every person in the world can slowly feel our tension
And shall never see a white flag throughout this mission
A true soldier keep his heart in it till it's finished
100%, like melodies can seperate long-evity
The sun may be shinin but the ice is still slippery
Just another jewel from a O.G., and takin that advice wisely