I Had You

And I wait for you
To notice I'm not there
A love I knew
The picture has gone bare
I wasted no time
And still they made me bleed
I wanted your mind
To open up and see

That I had you in my eyes
As you turned and looked away
Why can't you realize
The price I had to pay
To give you everything
And still you shake me

And I long for you
Awake from your dismay
Behold the truth
And hear the words I say
I gave you my life
And still they made me bleed
I wanted for all time
For you to walk with me

And I had you in my eyes…

And now I'm done
Your walls are caving in
The time has come
Days are growing thin
I wanted to unwind
All that you'd been through
The past so far behind
And still you never knew …(that)