Tiago Iorc

Shelford Road

Tiago Iorc
I was a child
There were trees, life was mild
We would run in the grass of our own backyard
Mr. Green sold his plums across the street
He would leave a sign
Please leave 25p in the box
To the side, what a sight
All the kids passing by
On their cycling bikes
And to school they would ride

I would learn soon
That I would learn too

Every day around five
A cup of tea to warm inside
It reminded us all that a friend was close by
Neighbors lending an eye
To ensure you were fine
Love was meant to be kind

I would learn soon
That I would love too

And as time passes by
Leaving all this behind
Our sweet home now revives
Still in me it resides
And it always will shine

I would learn soon
That I would leave too