Xibalba (USA)

Fuck You, Pelon

Xibalba (USA)
Mira hijo de puta, no me digas que no peretenezco
(Look motherfucker, do not tell me I do not belong)
Piensalo dos veces antes de abrir la boca pelon
(Think twice before opening your mouth pel n)
Tierra y libertad
(Land and freedom)

Comfort at the cost by those who built the soles
Walk around with the arrogance
Like you know what it is to work them boots
Act like you know the toll of a day's work
Act like you know who I am
Greeted by the army lines
Righteous ways, promises of better days
Overran by the devil man, we said stand strong
Take a look around mother fucker
Tell me what you see, tell me what you hear
Here we were Here we stand
You can't humiliate me, with pride I march
Fear no more, we march
You can't oppress mi gente puto
(You can't oppress my fucking people)
Fear no more
Native to the ground we walk
Slave to our working hands
Proud 'til the day I die