After this fucking time it turned out to be true
All the things you said you could do
A lack of respect, a lack of mind
How could you think that I was blind?

Obvious for the world to see
You weren't in love with me
Always you denied the facts
Laid the blame on me
And moved on to the next

You took advantage of my best friend
That turned into a dead end

His heart was weak. Heart was shot
By your charms and your plot
Betrayed himself and his friend
But his heart had another half

You had it all figured out poison
Came out of your mouth
Shameless and fearless
Only your selfishness will survive
Dead in my eyes, your own demise
I need no vermin in my life

No love, no friends, no trust
Everything you wanted has turned to dust
No love, no friends, no trust
Everything you love has turned to dust

Vermin will turn to dust